Monday, October 01, 2012

September Catch-Up

I've got to get caught up!  Here's my final quick and dirty attempt.  Then I'll get to "real" or "quality" posts.

Eliza started dance class.  I couldn't put her in any of my favorite studios as all their pre-K classes interfered with Kindergarten pickup.  But, she is dancing and in heaven!!
I went and heard Mo Willems read his newest book with ladies from my book group.  Also, I hosted book group.  Book group is one of my favorite things that I do for myself.  And, I've lost some serious weight by tightening my diet and gotten back into shape with help from Danyelle!  (Dang menopause taking away all my treats.)  It was worth it as I'm solidly back into my skinny pants.
Laura got her braces off and looks so much older and incredibly beautiful!  She also completed a huge school project on the water cycle.
 Sara made sure we did some finger painting.
We welcomed home my nephew from his mission.  And we heard his wonderful homecoming talk.  I took all the pictures with my brother's camera, so all we've got is this lame phone pic of the sign we made.  But, the whole experience was beautiful and I cried a lot, and the girls got to see a wonderful example!
Finally, we've been having tons of fun making popsicles with the zoku.  Seasonal fruit makes the yummiest pops!


  1. Oh, Eliza is so cute!!! I love your picture of everyone taking pictures of Mo Willems. And look at that beautiful Laura. I can't believe how old she looks!!!

  2. So many fun things happening in our house. Dancing, braces, a nephew home. WHEW!!! It has been such a fun few months. I can't believe how fast things are changing! Our girls are just growing up way too fast!