Friday, September 28, 2012

Grandchildren's Treasure Hunt

The Grandchildren's Treasure Hunt took place at the cabin over Labor Day weekend. After getting their party invitations in the mail (one for each) the girls were beyond excited. It was a "40th Birthday Party" for the cabin. My mom, as usual, outdid herself.
There was candy and hunting!And the prizes and treats were adorably cabin related.
Both of my big girls got to read.
The kids put on the 40 candles and loved blowing them out for the cabin!
It was a wonderful memory and a magnificent time with the family.


  1. So fun!! And your mother is amazing!!!

  2. The girls had a BLAST at the cabin treasure hunt. Grandma and Grandpa completely outdid themselves!! It was such an incredibly fun time!!!

  3. Your kids have completely awesome grandparents!

  4. I can see where Melinda gets her great creativity...wonderful job Garna!