Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best

We believe in exposing our kids to the best.  Laura wants to do musicals, so now that she is old enough, we took her to see the best: Wicked.  It was AMAZING!

We also like our kids to see the best of sports.  So, the Olympics were a big deal at our house.  We learned about different countries and all the different sports.  We each picked an additional country to root for and learn about.  And, our kids learned by watching the best.  They played soccer and gymnastics for weeks afterwards.  And the medal count inspired by Emily's amazing Olympic celebrations was super fun!

We celebrated the second place winner - Great Britain - by going out for fish and chips with my folks after the olympics were over.  Such fun!!


  1. Wicked was AMAZING and the best birthday present I could ask for. And all of us around our house LOVED the Olympics. What fun!!!

  2. How fun to get to enjoy Wicked with Laura!! I bet it was great. And what fun to do Olympic activities (I love fish and chips - yum). Mike did mention that you medal count was missing the very important country of China - huge contender in the medal counts.

  3. None of us could bring ourselves to cheer for China so no one picked them. Hence they didn't make our medal count.