Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Day of School 2012-2013

This year, I have all three girls out of the house attending school. Laura and Sara started school on August 22nd. They matched uniforms that day and have continued to match almost every day since. Laura also comes over to the Kindergarten playground and they hug every morning recess. It's good to have a sister in school with you!
Sara was super lucky to have friends in her Kindergarten class. She also "clicked" on reading right before school began. Needless to say, she has adjusted beautifully. Her teacher this year is Mrs. Packer.
Having a celebratory "First Week of School" Tea with school friends.
Laura is loving being one of the big kids in elementary school. Her best friends are in her class and she loves her wonderful teacher. She is thriving! Her teacher this year is Ms. Mecham.
Eliza started preschool a week later on the 28th. She adores being a big girl and going to school. She does not like Mommy to leave her there, though. Fortunately, she has her cousin in class with her and that has helped. Miss Amber, her teacher, says she does fantastically right after I'm gone. I've sneaked a peek and know that she is adoring the experience. But, I'm still the first Mommy there to pick her up each day.


  1. Oh, your girls are growing up!! They are so cute. What a great big sister Laura is. And Eliza is so cute, glad she's liking preschool!

  2. I can't believe we have 3 kids in school! Where did the time go? It is so fun (and terrifying) to watch them grow up. I just love those little turkeys!

  3. Your girlies are so cute! When did they all get to be so BIG?