Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We've taken quite a few trips to the cabin this summer and early fall. They are, as always, a heavenly escape. One of our favorite discoveries was the warm, slow river in August and the fantastic swimming hole! The girls still can't stop talking about it! It was so beautiful and so much fun that I took way too many pictures!
Hanging on the fallen tree at the swimming hole!
Deep, smooth, calm water that was perfect for swimming.
Eliza wasn't so into swimming...she liked throwing rocks!
Eliza also conquered the zipline. The big girls love it so much that our determined little 2- then 3-year-old had to join in. It was a process, but by our last trip up there, she was grinning her face off while flying down the entire length!
Step 1 for Eliza: Ride down with Daddy holding her the whole way.
Step 2: Short distances from Daddy to Mommy. These got progressively longer each trip up to the cabin.
Step 3: Flying down from the very top just like her big sisters. Check out that grin! She smiled like that every time, the whole ride down.


  1. So fun to find a swimming hole! I'm sure the girls loved it. And I love that Eliza was brave and conquered the zip line! So cool - way to go Eliza!

  2. The cabin this year has been way too much fun! The new swimming hole has been such a fun find and the girls are loving it more and more the older they get. We're so lucky we have the cabin to escape to!

  3. I cannot imagine all the fun your family has had over the past 40 years! Fantastic!