Thursday, September 13, 2012

Missy's Wedding

My sister's only daughter (for whom I threw the retro shower) got married in August. It was a beautiful reception. I took lots of pictures of the event and I am sharing too many. I also did a ton with the food - made cookies and kept the food (of which there was so much) at the reception going well and beautifully.
Other people also grabbed the camera.  So there are tons of pics of the family.  Super special.  And, yay for digital!!

And, I tried to get pictures of things others would miss. It was fun and exhausting. But, my sister and my niece were happy and that's what matters. Oh, and seeing family was heavenly!!


  1. It was a beautiful reception and you did a ton to help out. LOVE all of the pictures and I'm sure others will too. Nicely done, Love!!!

  2. It looks like it was a beautiful event!! I'm sure they appreciated your hard work! And I love the picture of Sara, and the picture of your mom, sister, and the bride. So perfect!

  3. So elegant and beautiful! I love weddings! Beautiful pictures! You are an awesome party thrower and helper! And beautiful