Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Halloween 2012

The girls begged and begged for a family witches brew this year. It was casual and simple, but a super fun memory! We had squash soup in cauldrons and Mom brought dirt dessert. The girls were in heaven! We did it the night before Halloween.
After the brew we made milk jug ghosts instead of pumpkins again! This time the girls selected their patterns and I cut them out of black paper on the Silhouette.
Halloween day was busy around here! All the girls wore their costumes to school!!
We saw Sara in her morning kindergarten parade!
Then Eliza danced in costume and shared treats.
Back to school we went for Laura's parade!
Then we touched up, or re-donned our costumes and took photos.
We ended the night with warm and wonderful trick-or-treating. Jason took the girls and even wore his hat! I had a grand time parking myself next to the door (I've been fainting) and handing out candy to the steady stream of costumed kiddos.


  1. It was a wonderfully fun and busy Halloween. The girls had a grand time and that's really all that matters!!! And it was so nice to not have to trick-or-treat in jackets, coats, or ponchos!

  2. So much fun!! I love that the girls wanted a witches brew!!! Love all the girls costumes, they look great!

  3. Love Eliza posing for the camera!

  4. Your girls are all so cute! I absolutely love their costumes.

    The milk carton ghosts turned out cute too!

  5. You found the perfect costumes for each of the girls that absolutely fit their personality! Great job!