Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I don't particularly enjoy carving pumpkins.  And last year, I learned that my children don't particularly enjoy it either.  They like the end result, but the process is miserable.  So, when I saw this project in my FamilyFun magazine, I decided we would make ghosts instead of pumpkins.  My folks and I started saving milk jugs and I loved how they turned out.
I made a template of shapes that we cut out, placed and designed our ghosts. 

Each girl designed their own ghost. (2 for the big girls.)  I traced the shapes and they colored them in.  The girls really enjoyed the project; no one gagged and everyone was able to complete the project on their own.
Deb's husband was studying so she joined us for the evening!  Our family will be doing this again next year!


  1. What a fun idea! We might have to do this next year as well as carve pumpkins!

  2. They looked so cute. You've inspired us to do it next year. We were lazy and didn't carve pumpkins this year - but milk jugs we could do!