Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween day was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was wonderful and the girls adorable. I sent each of the big girls off to school in costume.
I was able to help in Laura's classroom for her party thanks to some serious rushing by my parents! It was a frustrating experience to help, but Laura loved having me there and I loved seeing her at school. THANK YOU, Mom and Dad!
Sara's wig, like her costume was much too big for her. I couldn't figure out how to adjust the wig and it frustrated her at school that morning. So, for nighttime, we sprayed her hair. I can just see how happy and excited they are to trick or treat. They had a wonderful night!


  1. They had SUCH a great time trick or treating and Eliza totally "got it" this year. She loved knocking on the doors, saying "trick or treat", saying "I like dis one" when she picked her candy, and said "tank ooo" every time. They all did AMAZING and had a great time. What a great Halloween!

  2. Great costumes! I am glad that everyone had a good time trick or treating!

  3. What great costumes!! So fun!