Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home Decor Progress

Jason and I got the mirrors hung in the living room - okay, we did it a while ago, but am just getting to blogging about it. I took ya'lls advice and hung them with these picture hanging strips. I love them!! The room looks done now, but I have a few more things I want to do. (Is anything ever really done in the house?)
I recently repainted all the baseboards upstairs and my goodness it feels so much cleaner. Doing that painting motivated me to actually do something about the stencil that has been sitting in my basement since May. The green looks great, but I still want more. I took all my measurements and sat down to iron out the layout. I finally think I got it - not too much and not too little. What do you think?
Will I get to the stencil soon, probably not. Outdoor fall work will take precedence. But, it feels good to finally know what I'm doing.


  1. The mirrors look fabulous! I think the spacing on the stencils looks great too! I totally can relate to the not getting to projects in a timely manner thing. Good luck!

  2. Love the mirrors! They look great in that space.

    I am sure the stencils will turn out awesome as well. You are my home decor guru. Someday my home will look half as nice as yours!

  3. Oh, I hope it goes well!!! I look forward to seeing the results!