Sunday, December 02, 2012


Sara was "star of the week" this past month at Kindergarten.  She had to bring in a poster.  I thought it was perfectly her.

She was adorably quiet and shy when she presented it to her class.  I learned to print her explanation on the pictures themselves and that made this poster even easier to make.
Laura did a poster on "Bud, Not Buddy" one of my favorite middle-grade historical fiction novels. So, we went all out on the poster.  She (and her teacher) loved the results and I loved how we made it look like a suitcase.
The silhouette got a real workout and I loved how nicely they turned out because of it.


  1. I usually hate "parent" homework. But these turned out so INCREDIBLE and were remarkably easy that I didn't mind them so much. Thank you, Melinda, for being creative and making it simple!

  2. So cute!! You are amazingly talented!

  3. I love the posters. I know who to call next time my kids need a poster.

  4. Fantastic posters Melinda...the girls look so happy to have such lovely posters. You are a great Mom. Thanks for all you do for the girls!