Monday, April 14, 2014

Disneyland Trip April 2014

Our kids' schedules are so full of their favorite things, that we have to take off for vacation when everyone else is off.  Even still, Laura missed some rehearsals.  We went to Disneyland and California for Spring Break.  An awesome plus is that my brother Steve and his family went at the same time.  So, we met up with the rest of the CA family and had a great night together!
We also got to spend a day in the park with them, which just made it even more magical!
Eliza seriously grew her coaster legs on this trip and it was so great to be able to go on everything all together as a family.  Yay!  No more parent swap.  I'm pretty sure we went on Big Thunder 20 times and it was everyone's favorite ride.
We also got to meet some special characters.  We braved the longest line in the park (3.5 hrs) to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen by running straight there when the rope dropped and waiting only 25 minutes.  We all loved it.  Another bonus was the special Easter greet up where we met and played and danced with lots of Disney rabbits.  Our girls were so sweet and excited and well mannered that the characters spent tons of time playing and coloring with them.  Super amazing!  Finally, we had the best experience ever at the Character Breakfast.  The characters were waiting for us to arrive.  It was so awesome that it felt fake!
We decided to celebrate my birthday in the park a week prior to my actual day.  I wore a birthday badge and we ate at Blue Bayou at the most amazing table overlooking Pirates.  It was a perfect memory. We also were there for the 50th anniversary celebration for It's a Small World!  Totally neat!
I'm ready to go back....


  1. So fun!! I'm so glad that you have now out grown the parent swap pass! Hooray, that makes such a difference! So much fun for you and your family!

  2. It was kind of the best Disney vacation ever! And that's saying something considering how often we've been! Love it!!!

  3. Looks like so much fun! We were just in Disney World and the line for Anna and Elsa there was 6 hours! We got to the park right when it opened and could have run the "frozen mile" and only stand in line for 25 minutes but passed. I'm glad you got to see them and Big Thunder Mountain is my favorite ride ever!! And Happy Birthday!

  4. Glad you had fun again at Disneyland. What great memories you are making!