Friday, March 06, 2015

Sara Rosie Braces

Well, kid #2 has just as many mouth problems as kid #1; actually they are even worse.  Poor Sara Rosie's mouth is just too small.  Fortunately or unfortunately, we have regular dental appointments and listen to our dentist's recommendations.  So, she had to get braces at 7 years old.  By putting in an palate/mouth expander now along with braces, we should be able to avoid really expensive and painful surgery later.  We're all pretty sure this is a good thing.
She's been a wonderful trooper about all of this and is utterly adorable.  Though, she is super glad she only has to wear the expander for 90 days as it's been miserable.  We are so glad her bones are so pliable now and it doesn't have to be longer!


  1. Braces make her seem so grown up. Way to be a trooper Rosie!

  2. We're so glad we caught this early. So much better than major surgery later on. And we are thrilled about how easy going she has been about the whole process. She has been AMAZING! I really didn't expect that. I think she realized what a difference it will make for her as well, so she's just dealing with the discomfort because she knows that it will make her happier in the long run. Nice positive thinking, Rosie!

  3. She looks as cute as can be. I have to say that early braces make it so much faster and easier from start to finish!