Saturday, February 28, 2015

Eliza's Glasses

When we took Eliza into the ophthalmologist for a full Kindergarten eye check last summer, she said Eliza was borderline on needing glasses.  Eliza would either improve or need them and to come in next year.  So we added the whole family to the vision plan in January.  Two weeks later Eliza told me that she could see the board in the classroom so much better when they changed seats.  I made a vision appointment that day.

No surprise, she needed glasses.  We got her the amazingly light and durable kind of frames Jason has fallen in love with - iGreen.
She picked pink and we let her, because, well, she loves them.  Fortunately, she's cute in everything! Invision (where we go to get glasses) gave her a stand (elephant now named "Ellie") for them to live on if they aren't on her face.

She has taken care of them really well and loves that they are magic in the sun.  Yay for insurance that let the photochromic be free!  We are working on remembering them every morning, and we sometimes fail.  She looks adorable and has been doing so much better in school because of them!


  1. She looks so cute! I love the stand, and I love that they are magic in the sun. I might have to get Emma some of those. Looking good Eliza!

  2. It is so nice having a "glasses" buddy in the house! She inspired me to try the photo chromatic lenses this time and I love them! Most of all, she loves them and being able to see. That makes us happiest of all.