Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I think Valentine's day is so much fun!  We prepped the school stuff on Sunday.  The teachers made it easy on us and we made it easy on ourselves.  Only Laura had to do a box, and she just wanted to reuse one from a previous year.  The girls love to give ring pops, so I just printed out return address labels and they stuck them on for their friends - it's hard to write on plastic.  We utilized this template and did a nicer gift for their teachers.
The girls dressed adorably for school in festive shirts.  We awakened early to complete 3 heart hairdos that they loved sporting.

I was able to volunteer in Sara Rosie's classroom for the party.  It was a bit of a firedrill as I didn't know I had to do a game until 5:00 the night before, but it all turned out beautifully.  Thank you pinterest and cheap copies.  I loved being in the classroom with her!
Then we celebrated our family Valentine's on Saturday.  The girls got little baskets in the morning from Jason and I.  They loved their little stuffed animals, chocolate, and pencils.
That night we had my folks (and Kaitlyn) over for our traditional fondue.  It was yummy and so much fun!


  1. Fun day, and I love that you went easy! As a parent, that's so important. I love the girls hair and outfits ... CUTE!

  2. I love the girls hair. It is such a fun valentine's tradition. As is the fondue. So, so, so yummy!!!

  3. I didn't know Kaitlyn had Fondue with you guys! How fun! Looks like it was a good holiday :) Love you all!

    1. Adorable girls with great hair and shirts...Love it! Fun times!!