Saturday, February 06, 2010

Home Decor Changes

Recently, and not so recently, we have made some serious home decor changes around here. Right before Eliza was born we bought a new kitchen rug for under the table. We ended up buying FLOR carpet tiles because they are durable, customizable in color and size, and we could replace just one tile at a time as it gets hammered.
Just barely, we purchased a new table and barstools. Our other ones just were not durable. And, though we tried really hard to get some assistance (we only had them two years) from JCPenney, it just didn't happen. So, when we found an amazing deal at Oak Express with a 5 year warranty, we bought it.
The table is counter height - a change for us - and has a self-storing leaf. So far, we are loving it. And, Laura says that it is a good homework table. Sara loves the "not wiggly" barstools.
When we bought the table and barstools, we were initially shopping for an entertainment center. With the new surround sound, we just needed a bigger unit. I don't like them huge, but I did want to be able to close off the stereo components from little hands. It's about 5 ft tall and about 6 ft long and doesn't dominate the space. We adjusted the room - picture and furniture - and it fits in the space beautifully. I really like it!

Significantly before we bought the rug (we're talking 8 months ago) we purchased a table for behind the couch from our favorite table store. It provides a pretty transition from couch to kitchen. And, I love the storage that it provides. You can also see two of my other favorite things in this picture: digital photo frame (huge and filled with family pics), and air purifier (helps me feel better and has UV to kill germs).
The floral arrangement on the couch table was stolen from the entryway at Christmastime when I put out the apothecaries. I loved the apothecaries and relocated flowers so much, that I made them permanent. I am keeping the apothecaries out and changing them with the seasons. They are all decked out for Valentine's now.

Things are really feeling comfy in the areas where we spend the majority of our time. It feels good and, even better, it feels like home!


  1. Your home looks so cute and usual. :)

  2. It's beautiful and classy! Just like you. It's fits your family perfectly.

  3. It is so nice to be able to upgrade some of this stuff. And we've found really great deals! It really makes home feel like home.

  4. Love the new furniture! Nice job picking out such lovely pieces...can't wait to see all the new additions!