Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Laura Updates

Laura has been so busy lately, I just haven't seemed to blog about it. She recently started piano and is loving it! She loves to learn and is taking to it beautifully.
She is also doing Choir at school. I think this is her very favorite thing! She practices all the time and Sara is often found listening to her and dancing as she practices. Laura tells me that someday she wants to be onstage singing and dancing like they do in "Aladdin" at Disneyland. Knowing her, it'll come true.
Also, they recently changed her reading level at school to the 800's (or 8th grade) and she is working on fractions in math. She is growing up so fast and learning so much - sometimes I think it is wonderful and other times I just want to hug my little girl from days gone by. A fun example of what she is learning is that she told me when I cut my finger the other day that "the platelets will stop the bleeding, Mom."

She loves playing with her friends. And, Lily is still her bestest friend of all! They play together every Saturday and have the greatest time! They ended up matching the other day and thought it was the coolest thing!


  1. She really is growing up so fast! Cute little bug. She does love to sing, dance, and perform so I agree. It's only a matter of time before she's up on stage somewhere. At least she knows what she wants! :D

  2. Laura truly has a zest for learning. She just bubbles over when telling about what she is learning or doing. I love watching the intelligence in her eyes. She is so dear.

  3. What a special child...she loves everything about learning and expressing herself with song and dance. We are so blessed to have her in our family. Ya gotta love that twinkle in her eyes!