Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

We dyed Easter eggs on Thursday. My parents came over and the girls has a blast. Laura really learned exactly how to do it and had a great time. Sara loved that there was purple and enjoyed the experiment.
We continued our tradition of Easter Bunny Day on Saturday to keep Easter focused on the Resurrection of Christ. The girls had egg colors assigned to them and had a great time hunting. Sara took quite a while to find her basket but found most of Laura's eggs ahead of Laura (even though we thought we had hidden them in more difficult places). Laura was methodical and super excited about her hunting.
Our bunny knows that the girls aren't thrilled with candy - it's always available in the apothecaries and not novel - so he brought different items for them; though there still was hidden, wrapped candies about. Their baskets were filled with crafting items and the girls hands ended up covered in markers for the rest of the day. Thank heavens that bunny made sure the markers were washable!

Our plastic eggs were filled with jelly bracelets and rings. The girls put on quite a fashion show with them later. And, Sara is apparently Madonna because she won't stop wearing them - all of them all the way up her arm. Eliza most enjoyed her flower pen.
It was a great time! And, we are still finding a few extra candies about.


  1. Wow! Look at you with an Easter post up already! I wish I did better at blogging! Cute pictures. Sounds like you had a great time. We did too!

  2. No wonder you put all those cute pictures of Eliza up! She is an absolute doll!

    Love Sara's blingy bracelets. She is to cute! Maybe the Easter Bunny should leave me some blingy rings and bracelets too!

  3. Easter was a blast. And the girls have absoultely LOVED all of their new crafting stuff. The Easter Bunny sure knows what they like!

  4. What can I say...the girls are adorable and I love them all so much! Love Laura's new bangs!

  5. Love those girls they are Laura's bangs!