Friday, April 30, 2010

Where Do You Live - Princess Castle

Make-believe and imaginary games are a huge part of our household. So, when the girls saw these canopies at IKEA ($10) and wanted them for their beds (so they could be princess beds) I had to say yes. Now I really tuck in my princesses at night.

**And, yes, that is a new bed in Sara's room. It had to be replaced due to a horsing around accident involving Daddy who is not small. It is also an IKEA purchase and is a lot of fun! And, a bonus is that we no longer need the bed rail and Sara has never fallen out of bed. Also, she seems to be sleeping better in it. Psychological, maybe, but we'll take it!!


  1. LOVE IT! I might want one for my bed! (:

  2. And -- your three beautiful princesses make it perfectly enchanting!

  3. I love this "Where do you live" series. It's great to showcase all of the different personalities our house takes on.

    I don't even mind being outnumbered in our wonderful princess castle!

  4. The girls rooms looks great and they feel like little princesses when they are tucked into bed with lots of love and kisses! Lucky girls!