Monday, April 12, 2010

Kid Day

We had planned on taking Deb's boys this past Saturday so they could celebrate Joe's birthday. So, when I found out Steph was going to be without husband on the same day, I figured we'd add Creed to the mix. We dedicated the day to the kids and had a great time playing.

The favorite game (HOURS of entertainment) was pirates. We recently went to Pirate Island for lunch and the girls were in pirate mode. The kids would "walk the plank" by sliding down the slide. Jason and I would tell them in our best pirate voices to "{pirate name}walk the plank" and "splash" when they reached the bottom. Eliza, who was strapped to me via Moby Wrap the whole time, thought this dramatic procedure was hilarious and laughed at all of us until she got the hiccups.

Lancing Laura entertained us all by employing many styles of walking the plank.
Captain Creed loved the commentary and we loved the smiles he gave us. Oh yah, he was grinning at me in that last pic. He also adored that the slide was yellow, his favorite color.
Ephraim the Eater (totally not creative, I know) was fearless, would slide down with abandon in any position, and despite being the youngest was the absolute fastest to cycle through.
Swashbuckling Sara, though having the best pirate name, was much more concerned about conquering the rock wall than sliding. She finally did conquer it completely independently and refused to use the stairs all day. She was great at climbing it by the end.
Jousting Jacob was not his usual happy self. And slid down a very limited number of times and without much enthusiasm. He much preferred hanging out inside and watching Monsters, Inc.
My girls' favorite part of the day was getting to hug on baby Ollie when Steph came down to pick up Creed. I have been able to see Steph a lot more lately, and I must say that chatting with her and snuggling Ollie was one of my favorite parts as well.


  1. It was so fun to play with all of the kids for hours and to get to meet and hold baby Ollie! I can't get over how obsessed Sara is with babies. I swear she's going to have 10 kids with this obsession. And of course Laura LOVED her chance to hold a new baby again. It was a PERFECT Saturday for all!

  2. Looks like a party! I am glad that my boys love to play at your house.

    Maybe next time Jacob will be feeling a bit better and more rambunctious!

    Thanks, by the way! It was great to spend time alone with Joe for his birthday.

  3. Busy...busy...looks like the girls had so much fun with all the wee ones to play with.