Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Has Sprung with Sara

Spring is tentatively showing it's head at our house. There are little girls in summer skirts, helleborus blooming in the garden, pillows appearing on the porch, and a springy decor in the house. My heart lives in spring, even if the allergies lay me flat. How I love the warm weather and the outdoors after being all cooped up!
Sara showing off the purple helleborus in the front garden.
My spring mantel.
The daisies are from Tai Pan Trading. My banner features this file and this file from silhouette. Deb gave me the word idea after I realized Easter was coming super quickly this year. Now I just want to change my standard mantel decor: I'm trying to decide between milk glass or mercury glass - suggestions?
Sara enjoying one of her favorite springtime treats: Marshmallow Bunnies. She even brought them as her treat to preschool today. Apparently they were a big hit and a lot of fun to play with!
I had to use an Easter printable because they are so quick and easy to change. I used this one and recolored it. Then I massacred a wreath from Tai Pan to get my vessel fillers.
Sara showing off her fabulous springy outfit, the blooming garden and trees and the new pillows on the porch.


  1. What fun! Spring sure has been fun so far. I can't wait for all of the flowers and fun warm weather!!!

  2. So cute!! I wish I could see it all in person! Alas, just know I believe you are awesome. Don't let allergies get you down!

  3. are so clever and I love the Easter look of spring you created!

  4. Hooray for Spring! I love all the cute decor at your house. I really need to get busy! I can't believe Easter is this weekend!

  5. ps. your banner is adorable! I love the flower for the "i". You are so creative!