Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top O' the Morning

I was planning on doing a similar party for St. Patrick's day as I did last year. However, when I realized it was on a Saturday, and I saw this fabulous idea, I changed gears. I edited the idea to fit our own tastes and didn't use the printables, but made my own. Yep, I mastered creating my own print and cut files for the silhouette and got them all done the night before. (I have them saved and would be happy to share if you're interested.)
The menu was "tricky toast" or french toast with "shamrock syrup" or buttermilk syrup, "leprechaun links" sausage, "strip o'bacon", "rainbow fruit" (red strawberries, orange clementines, yellow bananas, green kiwi, purple grapes), "pot o' gold eggs" made very gold with a drop of yellow food coloring, "lucky charms", and "pinch-proof potion" green milk. It was delicious and super fun. We all ate ourselves silly and skipped lunch.
Naturally, we had to invite my folks and their very Irish-named selves over for the occasion. They came with gusto; dressing fantastically and bearing fun green gear! Sharing these little holidays with Grandma and Grandpa make them significantly more special.
Yay for little holidays, a supportive husband, happy kids, and amazing parents! Happy St. Patrick's day!!


  1. Thank you for a super fun top o' the mornin' time we had together! Nothing like starting the day out right, even though we ate too much wonderful food. It was so special and creative for the girls and us.

  2. It was so much fun! Thanks for being such an amazing mommy and planning such a fun morning for all of us. You're incredible!!!

  3. Look at you go all out! So fun!!

  4. You are awesome! Love the labels for all the food. You have to tell your mom that the green hair cracked me up!