Monday, May 13, 2013

Laura's Piano Recital: Spring 2013

Laura had her Spring Piano recital.  My goodness, that girl can play!  And she has skills that I never knew a 9 yr old could have - she can transpose the key of a piece!
Laura went first and performed her piece "Rhythm Machine" with feeling and wonderfully!  She got the whole audience into it. Check her out!!
Many of us had to run right after she performed (work and soccer), but both sets of grandparents and her sisters were all there to support her.  Well done, Laura!  And, Sara is excited to start lessons and be in the next recital.


  1. She is absolutely amazing and LOVES it! You can't beat that combination. Way to go, Laura!!!

  2. Wow, it makes me want to put my kids in piano lessons! She did awesome. Way to go Laura!

  3. Laura did such an amazing job and we were so proud of her!! Love you Laura!

  4. Thanks! Thank you mom and dad for paying for my lessons so I can do this!