Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring Dance Recital: 3 Girls

The girls worked really hard all year to do their dance performance on June 8th. The little girls were princesses and Laura qualified as a big girl! Eliza's favorite thing during dress rehearsal was getting to meet all the big girls who were dressed up like the princesses. It was a little taste of Disneyland and the girls were so cute with the little ones.
Sara started off the performance doing tap "Bippity Bobbity Boo" and wore a Cinderella costume. She was sassy in her boa and performed perfectly!
Eliza came next in her tap number "Whistle While You Work" and wore a Snow White costume. Eliza knew every move.
Laura did her lyrical number "Ever Ever After" and wore a long tutu. My goodness that girl has gotten good and flexible!
Next Sara did her ballet/lyrical number "Heal the World". She was thrilled to be dancing to Michael Jackson and looked beautiful!
Eliza then did her ballet/lyrical number "Mother" with a baby. She was adorable!
Finally Laura did her Jazz number "Americano". It was her turn to be sassy and fun!
The girls had a ton of support from both grandparents! We all loved every minute of seeing them on stage! Well done, girls!!


  1. The girls look beautiful! It's so fun to see them in their amazing costumes.

  2. All 3 girls did such an AMAZING job! They all love to dance (just like their Mommy) and are really great at it. It's so fun to find things that the girls love to do at such a young age. I love you, my perfect little girlies!!!

  3. Your girls look like they are having so much fun! I am glad that they enjoy dancing. Maybe one will follow in your footsteps,Melinda!

  4. The girls all did such a wonderful job and they all have real talent. We love our granddaughters!