Monday, May 13, 2013

Melinda's Birthday 2013

I had a most wonderful birthday this year! The day before, I went out with all the ladies from AFYT and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My actual day fell on our families' busiest night of the week, so we had the family celebration the night before. The girls spoiled me with hugs, singing, and kisses. I got thoroughly spoiled with all the clothes from the overnight trip and even more from my Mom. Mom spoiled me even further by ironing them for me - ironing is my most hated (and I'm atrocious at it) household task. I love my new look!
Jason helped me make my favorite dinner of salmon, asparagus and couscous. My Mom made my favorite birthday cake - lemon poppyseed! So delicious!
On my actual day, Jason and the girls awakened me with breakfast in bed and more hugs and singing - magical! Jason worked from home that day so I got to have a long birthday lunch with Mom and my sister Tana. Chatting, laughing, and love - heaven!
That night, my girlfriends took me out for more food and a lot more laughing, chatting, and love!
Mom B. had me over the next night for dinner and the fun continued. My birthday was low-key, but I honestly don't think I've ever felt more loved! I am surrounded by the most amazing people and it amazes me daily that they love me back. It was a perfect birthday!!


  1. You are amazing and exceptionally loved by all of us! I'm glad you had a great birthday. You deserve it. I love you, Babes!!!!

  2. Melinda- I'm so glad you got spoiled on your birthday! You deserve it. You are amazing! I wish I could have enjoyed the day with you, but I'm looking forward to our weekend fun in the fall!

  3. deserve all the love, gifts and attention and I am so happy that you had such a wonderful birthday!

  4. Happy birthday mom! I am glad you felt spoiled! I love you!