Friday, December 20, 2013

Eliza's Christmas Dance Recital: 2013

The adorableness of Eliza's Christmas dance recital was overwhelming.  Eliza is mine and loves dance more than anything!  She looked beautiful, worked way hard (note that tongue), and did an amazing job!
She was thrilled Grandma and Grandpa came for her too! I was particularly grateful they let the Moms come into class to watch (I even saw it in costume) as I was with Laura at her show for this one.
Eliza is becoming a wonderful dancer!  She has some serious rhythm and her cuteness is off the charts!


  1. I could not get the smile off of my face!!! Adorable through and through!!
    Love our Eliza!!

  2. She is the cutest little bug! She did an amazing job and loved every minute of it! What a natural little dancer, just like her mommy!

  3. That is seriously the cutest thing ever! Way to go Eliza!