Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Laura's Voice Recital: Christmas 2013

Laura had her Christmas Voice Recital last night.  She sang Hilary Weeks' song "God Bless Your Way."  We dressed her in the same dress we purchased for the play (we're getting great mileage out of this fabulous outfit) and she sang like an angel.  Check her out, but I recommend you have tissues handy before you do! (Please excuse my horrible phone and crying filming: the sound is so much better on this version and that's what it's all about.)
She brought me and the entire audience to tears - yep, even her teacher told her she did so well with her storytelling and singing she brought him to tears.  I'm so grateful, and a bit overwhelmed with responsibility, that the Lord trusted me to raise this amazing girl and help her develop her talent.  Thank heavens we found such an amazing teacher for her who is invested in her and brings out her best.  Thanks, Dave!
We also got a wonderful email from the owner of HCT: "P.S  I have to tell you how much we loved Laura's performance at the recital.  She really has some acting talent and a beautiful voice!  She made my night that night.  My husband too.  Truly lovely. Thanks, Linda Hale"


  1. I am thrilled over and over whenever I hear Laura sing! She's truly as beautiful inside as is her angel voice.

  2. Laura is a treasure and a blessing to our family!! He r voice is a gift for all to enjoy over and over again!!

  3. She is an amazingly talented kido. I love to hear her sing over and over again. She makes me cry every time. Way to go my little Laura bug!!!