Sunday, December 22, 2013

"This Is Christmas" Laura

Laura got the amazing opportunity to be in an original Christmas Play at the Echo Theatre this year! It was hilarious, touching, and a completely fun and unique Christmas experience.  Laura played the part of a little girl wanting to see a Christmas play and representing the Christmas Spirit. The play got reviewed and it is a great summary.  In case it ever leaves cyberworld, the part that mentions Laura is as follows: But the most noticeable performer was Laura Randall, whose sheer cuteness helped her steal the show in every moment.

Laura grew so much from this experience.  Everything was so new and she took it all in stride; fortunately all the adults were spectacular teachers.  She fell in love with improv and will be taking a class on it soon.  It was also a first time for a long 3 week run, being a part of the playwriting process, and working with all adults.
We were so lucky to be brought into the Echo family.  They are remarkable people!  The cast of the show (that included the Echo owners) were clockwise from Laura: Hannah, Randy, Jules, Matt, Jeff.
I adored watching her sing and act so much.  She made me laugh and brought me to tears regularly.  The entire family loved seeing the show several times.
It felt strange not to be doing costumes (except purchasing a new Christmas dress for Laura) and we finally convinced them to let us help.  We decorated the lobby.
This play was a big part of Christmas this year for our family and I'm sure we'll incorporate some of it's fun for years to come.  We now have pickle ornaments on our tree and I get treated to fun performances like this one on a regular basis:
Thank you to all the friends and family that came out and supported Laura by coming to the play!  Making time for our family during the busy Christmas season was amazing and we appreciate your love and support!


  1. Love the girls singing, so cute! What an amazing experience for Laura! Sorry we couldn't make it.

  2. It was such a FUN play. It was funny, entertaining, and the little girls loved it. We loved it too for that matter. What a great opportunity and experience for Laura. She is a lucky girl!

  3. We had such a wonderful time watching the play....and I must agree that "Laura" did steal the show! She did an amazing job and my goodness that girl can act and sing!!