Wednesday, April 15, 2009

30 Reasons

Laura has been counting down the days to my big birthday with excitement for about a week now.  I figure I better get over my grumps and join her in the excitement since, as she has reminded me several times today, there are only two days until my birthday.  Hence, here is my list of 30 reasons I am okay to turn 30.
  1. When we purchased our current home, a big consideration was the quality of the High School.
  2. The best present I received for Christmas was a vaccuum - really.
  3. I have never been tempted to text or check the internet in Sacrament meeting. 
  4. I have graduated from college - a true bachelor's degree
  5. My parents are brilliant. (Remember how they weren't when I was a teenager)
  6. I am a Mommy of nearly 3 - and a wife of nearly 7 years
  7. I would much rather give credit to others than take it myself - heaven forbid I get asked to do something again that someone else did
  8. I am on a much better career path than I was in this last decade: Yay for the prophetically endorsed career of Mommy!
  9. I don't have to wear makeup to feel beautiful - thank you, Jason
  10. Yet, I am no longer cute enough to wear jammies to the store
  11. I will eat out only food that I can't cook myself
  12. Disney vacations are all about watching the kids faces, not riding the coasters
  13. I spend less time on my own hair than on the girls' hair
  14. I like my minivan
  15. I bought the external hard drive to back up my family pictures, not my music
  16. I know the price of pork better than I know the price of name brand jeans
  17. The world definitely does not revolve around me: when 5 people want to do something that may make me miserable, if I want to be with them, I suck it up and enjoy myself without putting them out.
  18. Comfort now carries more weight in shoe purchases than does sexiness.  I only wear cute shoes, but they better be comfy too.
  19. I reluctantly wear a leotard weekly.  Instead of throwing one on without thought daily.
  20. I am confident enough in my self to be silly with my kids in public.
  21. Up until my release, I was spending significantly more time on my calling than on the Internet each day.  I regularly go days without getting online.
  22. I carry a big, classic, name brand purse instead of a small, trendy purse.
  23. I consider myself an expert at stain removal.
  24. When asked for a recipe, I can no longer copy it off.  I've got to think about what I tossed in and make a guess at my "some" amounts.
  25. I don't count my Visiting Teaching if I catch up with her in the hall or at book group - yep, I'm anal about home visits
  26. I am tired because I was up all night with a kid, not partying or doing homework.
  27. It's a bigger temptation for me to spend money on dishes or kitchen gadgets than on music.
  28. I only ever have great dates.  No more bad dating stories for me.  It's all about dating the best guy on the planet.  Sorry, all you singles...he's taken and has been for a while.
  29. It's really hard for me not to brag - about my kids and hubby.  Um, what did I do today, yesterday, last year?
  30. The majority of the NBA players look young to me.  And RRMs are babies.  Oh, and several of my past YW are having babies.


  1. Happy Birthday, Love!!! I have 10,000 reasons why I love you, but that's not really what this post is about. The the main reason is because you're an INCREDIBLE mommy, brilliant, gorgeous, funny, and most importantly, you're mine. I love you!

  2. That's a good list. Way to think of the last four! I probably wouldn't have made it past number three. I am NOT the best writer! Happy Birthday to you, BEAUTIFUL Melinda! Have a great one, and remember that your friends love you!

  3. Great list. I need to tell Mike that backing up his music is not the main purpose of the backup drive he just purchased. Yeah, YW with babies is just weird! Happy B-day in two days!

  4. That is a fun list! Happy 2 days until your birthday (:

  5. Great job Melinda! Hope you have the best birthday yet! Love you!!!!