Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthday Review

I had a fantastic birthday. Thank you everyone for your phone calls, comments and work that made my 30th a great one! It began when the ladies took me out to dinner (Pizza and Pasta Factory) and a shake. There was much laughter, tons of chatting and some great catching up. Love you, ladies!
On my actual day, my Mom threw a party for my Sis' and my birthdays. She went all out on a fantastic lunch including my favorite soup - vichyssoise. It was for all the girls that live here locally and we had a marvelous time being together. Thank you so much for all the effort, Mom. In case you are wondering, I get all my party-throwing skills from her - she threw a beautiful one for me!
That night J's folks watched the girls (Thank you!) so that we could go out to dinner (Macaroni Grill) and do a little birthday shopping. I loved the time alone with my honey and the darling orange-y shirt you'll see in subsequent pics was a product of the evening. I also got a Shark stick vacuum. Ah...it's all about making housework (and my ridiculous obsession with a clean house) easier and this one makes stairs that much easier.

The next day we celebrated with the girls. Jason made me my favorite cake - Spice with brown sugar frosting (that Mom made, actually) - and invited my parents up to celebrate with us. The salmon was the best we had ever made, I think due to seriously crimped foil. And I loved blowing out candles with the girls!
The celebrations continued into Sunday, when J's folks invited us over for dinner. Mom made roast chicken for me. It was so wonderful to eat chicken without having to prepare the raw stuff beforehand! It was also a treat because Bret was there with Sophie and the girls had a great time enjoying the springtime weather!


  1. I'm glad you had a great birthday. I love you, Babes!!!

  2. Wow...lots of great memories for your 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday again Melinda!

  3. Happy B-day! Looks like you had a great one (good thing the big one wasn't too bad!).

  4. Happy Birthday! We need to go out to celebrate both of us being 30 now! :) Let me know where and when you want to go!!

  5. Oh my I seriously couldn't LIVE without my shark vac! Happy B-Day sweetie. I wish I could have been there to take you to luch too!