Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Lovie!!!

Thirty years ago my amazing wonderful wife was born and changed my life forever. Thank you Mom and Dad Fitzgerald for having ‘just one more’. I can’t imagine spending my life with a better friend, teammate, partner, mother, wife, and person. I am a truly blessed individual to have you in my life forever and I love you with all of my heart! In honor of your 30th birthday, here are 30 reasons why I love you:
  1. Because there is no one better to watch a Jazz game with in the world
  2. Because you know me better than anyone else
  3. Because you are the best teammate ever
  4. Because you are madly in love with our girls and are such an amazing mom to them
  5. Because you are my best friend
  6. Because you are a great example to me of “enduring to the end” no matter what happens
  7. Because you are gorgeous, beautiful and sexy!
  8. Because you make me happy every day
  9. Because you practically kill yourself to get our little ones here
  10. Because you love me
  11. Because you call me during the day just to tell me funny things that happen and I know you wish I could have been there for it, too
  12. Because you sent me Zuma
  13. Because you love to spend time together no matter what we are doing
  14. Because you always want to go to lunch just so we can see each other in the middle of the day
  15. Because you love to read and instill a love of reading in our girls
  16. Because you love our life as much as I do
  17. Because you are such an amazing and loyal friend
  18. Because you will listen to me talk about anything even if it’s work and it’s really, really boring
  19. Because you understand when I become a slave to a book and do everything you can to help me finish it
  20. Because you are brilliant and have the best ideas for everything (including helping me design things for work). I appreciate being able to talk things through with you!
  21. Because you always encourage our girls in anything and everything and they believe that they can do anything because of it
  22. Because I catch you looking at me for absolutely no reason
  23. Because I look at you for absolutely no reason other than to just look at you
  24. Because you are as affectionate as I am. Yah…no filter!
  25. Because we are both planners. It sure makes life easier
  26. Because we love nothing more than family time
  27. Because some of our best times are spent with the four of us in our bed just laughing
  28. Because you make sure we remember to have family prayer every night
  29. Because you want to stay in Utah so we can be close to family
  30. Because we love everything together. You’d think that I’d need to have a “guys night” to go see the new Star Trek movie. But no, my wife is just as excited for it as I am!
  31. Because you love teaching our gorgeous girl the love of dance and help her see why you loved it, too
Ok, so it turned out to be 31 instead of 30. It's just a head start for next year. Happy Birthday my Love!!!


  1. So beautiful it made me cry. Love you both so much!

  2. Thank you, my love. You made me cry too.

  3. What a sweet husband! You guys have such an exemplary marriage! Thanks for letting us get a glimpse! I am glad you were born too! Love you!

  4. What a wonderful tribute, and you look gorgeous lady! Glad your birthday was a fun one!

  5. Oh!! I agree, Melinda, you are great! I'm so glad to have you as a friend!!!

  6. Jason what an amazing way to honor your wife! I had no idea you were such a romantic! Nice Job. Melinda you deserve the wonderful birthday you had! The picture is beautiful of you!