Monday, April 27, 2009

This Post Brought to You by the Letter "B"

Lots of fun things and progress have been made in our house lately. And they all seem to start with the letter "B."

Bedroom Decor
I made curtains for both of the girls' rooms. I made Sara's out of the fabric from her dust ruffle that I couldn't use as part of her new bedding set. Laura's was made out of leftover fabric. I think they turned out well and helped the girls' rooms feel more done. One more thing to check off the pre-baby checklist.

We also got a new bedding set for our bedroom at a fantastic Kohl's sale. The old set was leftover from the last house and just felt bland in the new one. I (and particularly Jason) like the new one lots more.

Basement Bathroom
The downstairs bathroom is finally completed. That is a major item to check of the pre-baby to do list. We got the decor also at a smokin' Kohl's sale, because we could NOT find another lime green bathmat anywhere to match with an old set. My favorite part of the whole bathroom (other than the real estate that will be loved by teenage girls) is the pictures of my bathing babies on the wall...soooo cute! And, yes, I have a third matching frame just waiting for a picture of baby Eliza.

We got to see our beautiful Eliza on an ultrasound this past week. She is still a girl. She has long legs and is perfectly healthy. Yes, I bawled.

I also got to meet Andrea's beautiful baby girl. It helped me remember that all this pregnant misery really is worth it in the end.
I also attempted a new baby gift for her. After doing some research, I think I improved upon the baby wrap I made a while ago. I made one for her out of cotton jersey (more comfy) and stenciled a pattern on the center to enable quicker wrapping. Check out my first stenciling attempt.

Sara loves to look beautiful. This is how she insisted upon looking when we went to Los Hermanos earlier this week. And yes, she wore this getup almost the whole meal.
Also, my parents have been gone this past week and I have been enjoying the blossoms on their tree as I am taking care of their house. Aren't they gorgeous?!


  1. Nice catch up on everything that's been going on lately, Babes! I love how the basement bathroom turned out. And it's nice to have it finally done!!!

  2. I LOVE your bathroom decor! It is beautiful! I love the idea of pictures of your bathing babied on the wall--so cute! Your room looks so elegant! Way to go on the curtains--I plan on making some for our new place so I might be asking some questions. And I don't know if I've told you I love the name Eliza!

  3. Love the pictures of the bathing girls in the bathroom! How do you find the energy to get so much done? Amazing.

  4. I LOVE The purple and black. Very nice!

  5. Love all your new home decor! It looks fabulous!

  6. It all looks great... whay to go on being crafty! :)

  7. I am impressed once again at your creativity in decorating your house. it looks great! I wish that I was as motivated as you!

  8. I was surprised to see the purple in the bathroom, since I had seen the green, but it looks good! Thanks for the gift and for our cute picture.

  9. Girls, decorating and life in general looks amazing. It is a wonderful life!

  10. LOVE your new bed spread! Cute cute cute