Friday, August 12, 2011

Decorating the Living/Piano Room

My living room has never really been decorated. I loved the blue wall, the painting of George Washington, my grandmas lace, and the piano. The rest, well, it did. The beige chairs offered more seating but were boring and uncomfortable, the couch was slipcovered and acceptable, the window was bare, it was kinda dark, and there were no patterns in sight. Time to redecorate!

My parents were getting rid of some awesome chairs from the cabin - in June. We took them to our house instead of DI, intending to get them reupholstered. I kept the awesome avocado green and harvest gold chairs for 2 months, but they just didn't work with the blue. Finally we found the perfect fabric ($6/yd and 7 yards), called Hector and got them done this past week. I love them!! Check out the before and afters!
I also repurposed a lamp from my mom. Gotta love white spraypaint and new bulbs! It is a great piano light. Laura loves it when practicing in the evening.
I also received a painting by my great aunt that I re-framed on a great sale at Hobby Lobby. It looks wonderful in the room that I am calling my "female heritage room."
When Hector brought back the chairs, we asked him for a price estimate on reupholstering the couch. It was a lot more than we expected. So, we bought a new white one from IKEA for a lot less. While there, we also found a cabinet that would work as a curio cabinet and storage for music books. Though, now that it's in, I realize that I need to paint the back panel my blue in order to make my pretties pop. Oh, and I need to secure it to the wall before I put my nice pretties in there!
I have quite a few things left - sewing curtains and pillows is the biggest. Painting the aforementioned cabinet. Maybe beefing up the crown molding. Finding a small table for between the chairs. But, the room is definitely coming together and finally has some style!


  1. It is looking amazing! I can't believe what a difference the chairs and the right fabric can make. I'm excited to get it finished and to work on our bedroom, too. What fun!

  2. It looks beautiful. And Jason, pish posh. I've actually seen your bedroom and it is already gorgeous. Melinda, you are amazing.

  3. I wish I was at the decorating stage. Maybe after the yard and surgery we will have money to do some....ANY decorating! :) It looks great! I love the chairs.

  4. I love what you have done with all the heritage items. It's such a meaningful room to me also, and I so enjoy being in it.

  5. I LOVE your living room! The chairs are lovely and I wish I had a room like that in my house. You are a great decorator!