Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Eliza's 2nd Birthday

I was only 10 days out of surgery when Eliza's birthday rolled around, but we still put on a celebration that she enjoyed. (Thank heavens she is easy to please.) I did a quick iron-on to an old shirt for her to wear and she loved being "tchoo".
I made (with lots of help from Sara and Eliza) some super easy cupcakes with "poopoh" frosting. Blowing out the candles was a big hit this year. I think she did it at least 5 times. And then she did it twice later at her party with all of my family. (Then she requested cookie cupcakes)
Eliza also adored opening presents. Her two favorites seemed to be ducks from my parents and the slide (we are using it indoors) from us. Her sisters got her an ice cream parlor (Sara) and a dress-up skirt (Laura).
Eliza had a great time!
And, she loved the pinwheels that we put on the lawn to celebrate her.


  1. I sure love our little E monster! I can't believe she's 2. Time is just flying by WAY too fast. She is the cutest little bug with so much stinkin' personality. I don't know what we'd do without her in our family. I'm so glad we got her here. I love you Eliza!!!

  2. I love the shirt! It turned out adorable! I wish I could get my kids to smile as cute as Eliza did for you! I can't believe she's two already! Time has just flown by!

  3. Her shirt is too cute! I am totally going to do that on my kid's birthdays from now on!

    Yay Jason for putting together the slide. You can tell she really loves it!