Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Jazzy Birthday

I got wonderfully celebrated on my birthday this year. It was lovely that the NBA season (not postseason) went over my special day with their strange post-lockout schedule. I got my fill of live games and they won every one I attended - no way that's a coincidence, right ;).
With my ladies! They were good sports to come with me!
We took all the kids and they lasted almost the entire game. It was great fun!!
Jason and I really got our money's worth out of my first lower-bowl experience. Yep, we were hoarse by the end of the triple-overtime thriller against Dallas.

On my actual day, I felt super loved. Jason stayed home from work and went to Music Makers with me and the little girls.
That night my Mom made me a delicious salmon birthday dinner and clothed me fashionably. Jason and the girls wrapped and selected wonderful presents for me. It was a yummy day!


  1. We all hope that you day was as wonderful as you, cause you deserve it!

  2. I'm glad you had a fantastic birthday. You deserve it!! Me and the girls love you more than anything! Thanks for being the rock in all of our lives. I love you tons and tons, my Love!!!

  3. Hooray for fabulous birthdays and fun sporting events! Glad you had a good day!