Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Impractical. Beautiful, but Impractical.

Remember that old family house that I wanted to renovate?  Yah, it's been renovated and is on the market.  I must keep reminding myself that I adore my house, and that one has no storage and I really don't want to move.  But, the history and the details of an old house!!  You feel me, right?!
Anyways, Mom B. was a sweetheart and took us and a bunch of my family back through it.  It was so much fun!!  Do I ever have the wants now!!


  1. You're right, beautiful but impractical!

  2. It is so beautiful, fun, and definitely impractical. But that doesn't mean I don't check the MLS every week to see if they've lowered the price... :D

    I want it too.

  3. What a lovely home with all the details....I can understand why you love it and want it!