Thursday, May 24, 2012

Laura's Showcase: May 2012

Laura did her annual performance from OnBroadway this past Saturday. She performed Little Mermaid. Her singing and dancing was wonderful! She had a difficult solo and was right on. She also knew every step of a really long set of dancing. Jason and I were bursting with pride as were both grandmas and grandpa.
Laura loves to be on stage and was amazing! She was also inspiring; Eliza didn't stop dancing the entire time. Well done, Laura!!


  1. Laura really did an incredible job. She loves being on stage and enjoyed every minute of her performance. She sure is a lucky girl to know what she likes to do at such a young age! I was super proud of her hard work and dedication. Nice work, Laura!!!

  2. Such talent, and so much fun for everyone else to watch!

  3. are amazing and you do have such a talent for singing and dancing. You have such a gift of standing out from the group and I could not take my eyes off of you. It was so joyful to watch your performance!