Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Swimming Lessons

We did another two sessions of swimming lessons this summer.  The kids improve so much more if I do two sessions back to back that we crammed them in again this year.

Laura is now competent enough that she can be done with swimming; it is not her favorite.
Sara is a fish and advancing so quickly.  I'm pretty sure that girl will do swim team someday.
Eliza became a water-lover as soon as I bought her good (Speedos that don't leak) goggles and she no longer got water in her eyes.
It was a good year of progress and I feel my kids are much safer around water for the effort.


  1. Yay! Who doesn't love swimming lessons? Oh, yeah, right, Laura.

  2. It was a fantastic year for swim lessons and everyone made such incredible strides! I'm so proud of the girls for all of their hard work and mommy for going and sitting in the heat and allergies while they did it. What a great year! Nice work, my girlies!

  3. I am so glad that the girls had such a great summer and have learned to swim! Thanks Melinda for being such a great mother!!