Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Eliza at 4 Years Old

Holy Moly! My baby is "Fow". Something about turning four really has made her grown up. She runs into preschool by herself and hikes around everywhere.
Here is the yearly snapshot of Eliza.  If I ever get to the doctor, I'll include her stats here as well. 
Favorite color: dark pink and purple
Best friend: Makayla, Tess, Sisters, Grandmas and Grandpas
Favorite toy: dress-ups, princess castle, rapunzel tower
Favorite place to be: Disneyland specifically the Minnie Breakfast, in the love circle, my fire house restuarant (ie: Tepanyaki)
Favorite movie: Barbie Princess and the Popstar, anything Strawberry Shortcake
Favorite book: What Do You Do With a Tail Like This, Home for Bird, Creamed Tuna Fish and Peas on Toast, Extra Yarn, anything by Kevin Henkes
Favorite food: Noodles, strawberries,
Favorite treat: ice cream, cookie dough, double lollies
Favorite activity: color, swing on swings, dance all around the house, make up performances, try to be as big as sisters, doctor make-believe, play Uno
Favorite TV show: Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins
Most days you will find her dressed up in a princess dress and dance shoes. If not, she will still be in a 'kirt - no pants or shorts for this kid and slipon shoes worn on the wrong feet. She is really excited about reading and we are making good progress through the 100 lessons book. Eliza adores playing Uno and we play it at least five times a day. She loves bandaids and keeps piles of them and lip balms, along with coloring supplies, in purses and bags. Minnie Mouse anything is always a hit and she asks me every morning if we can go to Disneyland. She comes with me everywhere and is my special buddy. As the youngest, she is always busting out funnies in her little tiny voice. Oh,I love this girl!


  1. What a cutie! Love and hate when they grow up.

  2. She is such a cute little princess all of the time! I love our little E and don't know what we'd do without her. Happy Birthday my Eliza girl!!!

  3. I can't help loving this adorable 4 year old!!