Friday, August 30, 2013

Eliza's Birthday

Eliza had a wonderful birthday.  We began the day with early morning presents!  She loved everything she received and was utterly adorable.
I think her favorite was all the princess Sofia gear.  My goodness that stuff is hard to find!  We had to curl her hair to match that day and regularly. Also, she had to wear the full costume any time we were in the house for weeks. 
She went to Build-a-Bear with Grandma and Grandpa and brought home a panda named Laura.  Eliza wore a huge smile and loved every minute.

The other Grandma and Grandpa brought her a present and joined us for lunch at Tepanyaki.  Eliza calls it "my fire house" and would eat there for every meal if she could.  I think her favorites are the salad and the noodles.
That night we had cake and she blew out candles.  We were all so full from lunch that we had shave ice for dinner at her request.  It was a magical day!

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  1. This kid loves birthdays more than just about anything (except Disneyland). She tells us what she has planned for her "next" birthday daily. It was so fun to let her do everything for her birthday that she'd talked about for months. She is such a cute little bug! Happy Birthday, Eliza!!!!