Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tour of Utah

We were so busy this year that we were only able to catch one day of the Tour of Utah.  Fortunately, we did get one and it was amazing.  The peloton is breathtaking and it so cool to see so many of our favorite riders!  Unfortunately, this year they weren't allowed to toss water bottles, but we did get some keychain swag.  And we even caught the ear of a couple of our favorites (esp. Fast Freddy Rodriguez) and turned their heads as they rode past.  Our girls can yell wonderfully.
We chalked the road and loved that all the caravan of cars made sure not to drive over the chalk messages before the riders arrived.
The girls waited with anticipation and were very safe.  Our spot gives us several chances to watch them and is so fun.
Since it was so close to Eliza's birthday, we had to stop by "her waterfall" on the way home.  What a lovely day!


  1. It was a super, super fun day! What a blast to see the cyclists and to spend some time outside. Way too much fun!

  2. Your family really knows how to have fun and learn to appreciate our beautiful state and all the activities that it provides!! Good for you!