Thursday, January 09, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Surprisingly, Laura is the one who awakened us at 6:01 Christmas morning.  The girls were utterly adorable and relished the gifts.  Santa brought each girl the item they requested: Eliza got a Kindle Fire, Sara got a Kindle Fire, and Laura got a sewing machine.  They received some toys, design kits, clothes, books, and movies.  They were so grateful and sweet.  It was a precious morning.
Jason's folks came by for our traditional Christmas breakfast.  We had french toast casserole, breakfast meats, and juice.  We gave them their gifts and stockings and they gave their gifts to the girls as well.  They left quickly as they both were hurting - J's dad from the chemo and his mom from her shoulder surgery.  I'm glad we got to share some of our Christmas with them despite their ailments.
The girls played, got dressed, and read their new books while Jason and I napped.  Our friends Dave and Summer stopped by and we played a fun new game with them - Sleeping Queens and the little girls loved their card holders.  We finished up the day at my folks' house for dinner.
It was a great day!  Merry Christmas!!


  1. What a fun Christmas day! I love the picture of Laura reading, and of the girls seeing their presents!

  2. It was a great Christmas Day. A perfect ending to Christmas Eve, in my opinion. The girls had a blast and we had fun watching them open their presents!

  3. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

  4. It was absolutely the highlight of our Christmas Day! The girls were so much fun!! We love you all so much!!