Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Extended Family Christmas Parties

I love getting together with family for Christmas.  We had the candlelighting with Jason's family and desperately missed having his sister Keri's family there with us.  I forgot the camera for this one as we had to leave church early while bringing food to make it to this party.  I thought I had saved our gratitude lists on the computer, but I can't seem to find them.  Well, they aren't that much different from last year except that Sara's included dancing and being flexible.  I love stability!!

We had my family party with the $5-ish gift exchange at Steve's house this year.  We laughed and chatted for hours!  To be surrounded by such love and kindness at Christmastime is precious.  Makayla adored the skirt I made for her and it made my night to watch her prance and twirl in it.  Jason and I adored catching up with everyone.  But, one of the my favorite things to watch is my kids interacting with their cousins.  It is so amazing to me how wonderful my siblings' big kids are to my little ones.  I am so thrilled to have such remarkable examples of kindness and spirituality for my children to admire.  I hope my kids turn out as wonderfully as my siblings kids have done.
Christmas day, my mom had us all over to her house for a yummy dinner.  I love this time.  Everyone is sleepy and cozy and just plain content to be with one another.  Eliza had to wear her princess attire.


  1. Christmas is all about family! I'm so glad you got to spend time with yours (both yours and Jason's).

  2. It is what Christmas is all about; being with family. So, so much fun! We loved all of our time with siblings, cousins, nephews, etc. It's what makes Christmas great!

  3. We are so blessed to have you in our family!! We love you!!