Friday, January 31, 2014

January Randomness

My catch-all post for January.  We discovered the joy of the planetarium.  So much so that we became members for this year.  The dome theater and the things we've been learning are amazing!
We had some serious indoor fun.  We slid down the stairs and read lots of books.
We did tons of dress-up and acting out of Say Yes to the Dress and Something Borrowed Something New.  Yes, we love watching bride shows all crammed in my bed on Thursday evenings - it's our "snuggly time".  Eliza also dresses up as Minnie Mouse, princesses, and Jedis.
We made yummy treats like cookies and bread.  Also we discovered a delicious new Indian restaurant that has become everyone's favorite.
 We built snowmen, watched Frozen and sang lots of songs.  And I shoveled the driveway an awfully lot.
 Laura represented her class at the school Geography Bee and did great competing against Jr High students.
She also won her class spelling bee and would've represented her class there had the teacher told us the date when we asked or even told us it was happening when we sent the email saying she was staying home with strep. So sad!!
I also got to take my adorable nephew's mission pictures.  It feels so crazy that he has his call even though he's still in HS.  He's wonderful and fantastic (Sara adores him more than anything) and we are so proud that he'll be serving in Frankfurt Germany.  Love you, Joseph!!
We made the best of a cold and dreary month!


  1. Lots of fun at the Randall house, like always!

  2. It was a fun an eventful January! Now onto an incredible February. I'm so lucky!!!