Monday, June 16, 2014

Sara at 7 years old

Amazing Sara Rosie is seven years old!

Here are the results of her birthday interview: 
Favorite Color: Teal, a light turquoise
Best Friend: Lily, Taybree, Avery (dance), Creed, Keira
Favorite toy:  Fashion design books
Favorite place to be: Disneyland
Favorite movie: Felicity (American Girl), My Big Fat Greek Wedding, We Bought a Zoo
Favorite book: Candy Shop Wars, Purple and Pink Princess Series, Charlie Bone, The Day the Crayons Quit
Favorite food: Fondue, Bread, French Toast Casserole
Favorite treat: Cinnamon Rolls, 3 Musketeers, Cake Balls, Donuts
Favorite activity: Snuggle with Mommy, Dancing, Gymnastics, play with sisters
Favorite TV show: Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, The Little Couple, Winx

She is spunky and friendly.  Her dancing talent and flexiblity are off the charts.  She is super determined and her reading, dancing, and schoolwork shows that.  She loves to snuggle and laugh with her toothless smile.  She is loud and excited about life, but so sensitive and caring.  She notices everything and asks the deepest questions.  She's a seriously deep thinker.  If she could eat every meal with only carbs like bread and pasta, she would do so.  We call her our carbivore.
I generally find her upside down or contorted into a pretzel.  She is always moving, coloring, and chatting it up like a 15 year old.  She loves fashion and has a serious sense of style.  She also loves to make people laugh and has a great sense of humor.  Rosie puts on wonderful shows with her sisters and is still in love with younger children and babies.  How we love our Rosie roo!  And yes, she is determined to change her name from being called Sara to's been 2 years, so we are trying to make the transition.


  1. Oh sweet Rosie! So grown up! I love your toothless grin, and your amazing smile! Happy birthday!

  2. She is the most adorable 7 year old! I enjoy watching her because she has such a love for life and enjoys the moments and get so excited about each new adventure! I love and cherish that sweet loving Rosie...she is the best!

  3. Rosie is the most amazing 7 year old ever. I am so lucky to be her Daddy. I love you more than anything, Miss Rose!