Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sara Rosie's Spring Dance Concert

Sara Rosie performed her competition pieces onstage on her birthday at the Spring Concert.  She was amazing!  My parents and her sisters watched her and loved it!  And she loved her little treats that she received after performing.
Her first piece was Burnin' Love.  Oh, how I love watching her in this piece...I might cry every time from the overwhelming cuteness.
She ended with Call Me Maybe.


  1. Look at all this cuteness! So fun! Way to go Rosie!

  2. Rosie is SO flexible! Awesome job! Those were really cute choreographed numbers. I loved them!

  3. I cry every time I watch the girls dance or listen to Laura sing. We have some talented girls.and I couldn't be more proud of them for their hard work and dedication. Way to go, Rosie!

  4. What a fun dances....I wish I could have been there!!! Love you Rosie...great job!!