Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spring Dance Recital - Eliza

Eliza and Sara Rosie both had their spring dance recitals on the same day, but at different times.  It was on Rosie's birthday.  I'm waiting to post on Rosie until I get the professional video.

Eliza loved her sassy little costume and was just magnetic onstage.  She knew every move and smiled wonderfully!
Eliza did two numbers, a tap and a jazz number.  These were filmed by me at dress rehearsal, and the quality kinda shows it, but you get the picture.

Grandma and Grandpa F sat through both recitals and are just amazing!  And sisters got to watch each other dance!


  1. Darling! She is so cute!

  2. You are right! Eliza does know her moves! She was adorable. I love her outfit. I don't think I have told you before, but I love how you get a family picture at every show. You need to make a photo book of just family pictures over the years. I think it would be awesome to see how the kids change.

  3. So much cuteness it was almost unbearable! Eliza was fantastic and then just couldn't take my eyes off of her. She is an amazing little dancer!

  4. I enjoyed watching the video so much! Eliza you did a great job dancing! I love you!!