Friday, June 20, 2014

Sara Rosie's Cowgirl Party

Rosie picks the coolest birthday parties.  I have so much fun planning them.  This year she went with a cowgirl theme.  We had to do it the Saturday after her birthday because she had her dance concert on her actual day.  She delivered these invitations
Then Jason and I did prep work.  We made Mason Jar glasses by using eyelets.  (I'm so excited to use these for parties)  Jason made piles of marshmallow shooters.  I sewed vests from an altered Pinocchio pattern.  And we shopped.

When the kids arrived, we had them "Git Yer Gear" by beading necklaces and putting on their vests. I always like to begin with something time flexible for the kids to do as they arrive at different times. Then we made our first use of the "Coloring Corral".  That was a lifesaver.  Any time one kid was done quickly (eating, crafting, etc), they could go there and be entertained.  I got the coloring and activity pages from HERE.
Once everyone had arrived and crafted, we headed out into the wind. Jason and I swapped two stations.  He ran the "Shoot Out" station.  Each kid got their own marshmallow shooter and a bag of marshmallows to use (and another bag in their take-home bag) and they aimed at our archery target.  Once they completed that station they earned a badge to pin to their vests.
I ran the "Ride 'Em Cowgirl" station at the same time.  We had three lines of cones for them to weave through and three stick horses to share.  They were so cute!  When they completed two runs, they earned their hats.

Then we switched to two new stations.  I ran the "Branding" station and applied temporary tattoos to the kids.
While I was doing branding, Jason ran "Pony Grooming" or pin the tail on the horse.  Summer drew us this amazing horse and I cut the tails out on the silhouette and labeled them with their names.  Here the kids earned their bandanas that we tied around their eyes.
Then it was inside for lunch.  The "Chow Line" included pulled pork sliders (or turkey cheese sandwiches for the picky eaters, or a roll for the pickiest), watermelon, grapes, and carrots and chips with dip.  We used pie tins as plates (those sides made for no spills as well as being adorable) and served water or lemonade in the pre-labeled Mason glasses.
The quick eaters colored until we opened presents.  Rosie has adorable friends.  Then we played cowboy charades.  Finally, it was onto dessert!  Sara is not the biggest fan of cake, so she requested root beer floats.  We served those, or ice cream with sauce (chocolate, caramel or strawberry) in disposable red cups.  Dessert was a huge hit.
We took a picture of each of the guests, then we sent them each home with their marshmallow shooters, outfits, and a goodie bag of pencils, gold nugget gum, more marshmallow ammo, and extra coloring pages. (Friends who came: Annie, Clara, Cora, Creed, Eliza, Kat, Keira, Laura, Lily, Sara Rosie, and Sophie)

It was a great party and so fun to celebrate Sara Rosie!


  1. This birthday party was such a HUGE hit! Everyone who came had a fantastic time, had AMAZING food, and loved all of their gear. I'm sure this won't be the last time we do a cowgirl birthday party. So much fun! Way to go getting this all put together, my Love!!!

  2. I have no words!! Wow....Wow....Wow....AMAZING PARTY!! Lucky Rosie what a fabulous party you had for Birthday #7! I love you precious girl!!