Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Super-di-Duper Saturday

This past Saturday we were finally all feeling better from the nasty bout we have had with colds lately. So, we had to get out and do some fun things.

Barbie was visiting the zoo to promote her new movie and we had to visit too. Laura got to choose whether she wanted to wait in the line (about an hour) to meet Barbie or to go see lots of animals. She chose the line. Both she and Sara were excellent in line.
Laura loved meeting Barbie. She also really enjoyed the CD of music from the new Island Princess movie that she got free. She listens to it on her DVD player and sings all the songs along with the CD.
After the zoo, we stopped by the Conference Center to see Mom and Dad and get some non-glare pictures behind the pulpit.
Since the girls were still being so good, we went to see if we could get in the studio. (It was in use when we went with the family.) We were able to get in and see where they film all the stake conferences, General Conference sign language translation and instruction videos. Note whose seat Jason is in for the next broadcast for Stake Conference!!
We also got to see some more neat things. I got a pictures of the backside of the organ, the HUGE wall that shows the height of the Conference Center (the door is big enough that a semi-truck could drive through) and a big picture of the auditorium.

We went to lunch with them at the Nauvoo Cafe for super yummy sandwiches. Then we stopped off at the temple so Laura could touch it. Whenever we see a temple Laura asks to touch it, so we did.
Seeing her there got me all emotional. I realized that someday she'll be in these places in her wedding dress...woah. And just knowing that my tender girl wants to feel the spirit of the temple got to me. Oh, how I love my eternal family.

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  1. What a great weekend. And you have such a sweet girl in Laura (and Sara too).