Monday, October 12, 2009

Friend Birthday Party

For a year, Laura has been looking forward to having a princess party with her friends for her birthday. With the new baby and blessing looming on the horizon, the party was not up to my usual over-the-top standards, but we had a great time.
The girls were asked to come dressed like a princess. And, first off while they were arriving, we did princess hairdos - spray glitter and crowns from Zurchers. Then they moved on to making their own princess mirror - mirrors purchased from the dollar store and decorated with crystal stickers and glitter glue.

(Top Row L to R: Kaitlyn, Laura, Saige, Lily, Kelly. Bottom Row: Ashlyn, Emeline, Becca. Not Pictured: Emma and Sara)

Then we did the game "Kiss the Frog" or our princess version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". My mom drew the awesome frog, the lips were clipart and we awarded each girl who got lips on the posterboard with a chocolate kiss. Then we also played a non-winner version of hot potato with a glass slipper.
Following the games we had our light dinner of star sandwiches (PB&J cut into a star) strawberries, grapes and princess punch. Afterwards we did cake and ice cream. Yay Maceys for doing such an awesome princess cake. Laura just glowed when all her friends sang "Happy Birthday" to her; check out that genuine and huge grin!
Laura opened her presents and then we did princess dancing. That was probably the highlight of the party. The girls had all warmed up by then and the giggling and smiles were immense. Then, a princess story was read by me and my mom while the moms were arriving to pick up the little girls. They were sent home with their mirror, crown and a goody bag of a ring pop, necklace, wand and some more kisses.
Laura thoroughly enjoyed her princess party. It was also extra special for her to bond with some of her classmates and has helped her in school. The party turned out well, and the fun and results for Laura were definitely worth the effort! Thank you to Jason and Mom who enabled everything to run smoothly by holding the baby and jumping in where needed! Love you!


  1. It was an amazing party. Laura LOVED it and even Sara joined in as best she could and had a good time. The girls were amazingly well behaved and had a great time.

    Nice work, Babes!!!

  2. What a fun and well planned party for little girls. They were so sweet and all felt so special - just like real princesses. It was truly a memorable birthday for Laura. (Dumb frog)

  3. What an amazing party for those little girls. It will be a party that will always be remembered by our 6 year old Laura and all her family and friends!
    Great ideas and great fun!

    Happy birthday princess Laura!

  4. What an adorable frog...I did not know you were so artistic Garna!